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Organic solutions for better produce and higher profits

The (international) business of fruits & vegetables from (sub)tropical regions often deals with quality issues like chemical residues, fungus, short shelf-life or low taste. Although most growers and importers treat various of these issues, our combined experience shows it is common to overlook a few important underlying causes. Through 20+ years experience in sustainable and organic agriculture, we have developed solutions for several causes in soil, fertilization and post-harvest.

Our network of experts in different disciplines can be of great value to growers and traders. This international network started from Netherlands based Biota Nutri and TerraGrow from Colombia.

GO Advice initiates and coordinates advice and sourcing of inputs to growers and is directly supported by a second ring of dedicated advisors and specialists in soil, microbiology, fertilization, crop-management and post-harvest. A third ring of local advisors in Latin America offer specific crop knowledge or disciplines.

International network of experts

Our lead specialists:

Peter Klein
Peter Klein
Niels van Heeren
Niels van Heeren

Our value
to importers
and growers:

  • High productivity of export-quality produce
  • Minimize waste caused by quality problems
  • Optimize shelf-life of produce and resilience of crops
  • Reduce chemical residues (MRL) by organic or alternative pesticides
  • Improved stability of supply over multiple export-seasons
  • Better, long-lasting soils with smaller CO2 and H2O footprint

Our services

We offer technical support to organic and conventional growers including those who want to have (more) organic agriculture.


Problem analysis and solution development

Organic inputs

Advice and sourcing


Short and long-term

Strategic support

Sustainable and regenerative agriculture