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Problem analysis and solution development


Short and long-term

Organic inputs

Advice and sourcing

Strategic support

Sustainable and regenerative agriculture

Problem analysis and solutions

Collective analysis of causes

Growers over years have adopted a system of habits, practices and (agro)inputs that have brought them to where they are now. Like any human organization, often we don’t see certain inefficiencies in our system. Then it is useful to have an external person with an experienced view on details to work with the grower’s technical staff and go through the different processes. By understanding the current system of growers we can contribute with experience and science to analyze underlying causes and develop & test solutions.

Solutions for regenerative agriculture

Long-term solutions, although very effective, tend to demotivate growers due to short-term investment and delayed return on investment. We therefore start with some quick wins in post-harvest processes while at farm-level we normally can achieve interesting improvements within 1-2 crop-cycles or export seasons. With increased trust in more regenerative solutions, longer term actions can then be implemented step by step, thereby balancing investment and return hereon.

Short and long-term support and coaching

Understanding realities of growers and buyers

We like to work with different players in the chain (importer-grower) as this gives more long-term results and commitment. We also understand that problems often continue because there is not enough understanding of the realities of both sides of the market. We can bridge these realities and create better understanding on both ends.

If identified problems were easy to solve, they probably would not exist in the first place. Often we have to look differently at problems, think out-of-the-box, get more into the details and test & adjust various solutions. People who have analyzed and solved the same causes in different crops and regions can quickly see what the best options are for a grower. There is not one person with all the answers but a combination of experts can create the synergy of different specialisms. This cooperation also creates an ongoing learning experience for all involved through which all grow and improve their business.  Our network approach allows us to provide our services and needed inputs at a low cost while offering quality results.

On-site or remote coaching

Our clients are both growers and importers. Often the initiative comes from importers in Holland/EU that experience quality problems from fruit & vegetables on arrival in the market. They can choose to work with one or more of their suppliers/growers that have quality problems to get support on improvement. An initial visit from our advisor can give insight which issues could cause the problem and what solutions could be tested.

Based on the report of the first visit the importer or grower can choose to have a low-cost option of distant coaching to start with or more in-person support with one or more additional visits. Additionally we can also work with Young Agricultural Professionals from Holland, USA or other countries that can be placed at growers as interim or for longer term technical support.

Organic inputs advice and sourcing

Why organic agro-inputs are better

Besides supporting more nutritious food, a better environment and related human health, we also see that organic inputs produce higher yield of export quality, strongly reduce pests & diseases and improve climate resilience. These nutrients and stimulants are naturally more logical to plants, allowing their own natural processes to balance themselves and become healthier and productive.

It makes business-sense to be more organic or more natural. And within the world of organic we mean high-tech, top-quality fertilizers, pesticides and biostimulants.

As an extra, several of the inputs we manufacture or promote are from sub-products of “waste”-streams, using innovative technology to extract valuable components. This allows importers and growers to contribute with simple steps to circular agriculture.

Sell or source organic inputs

A network of experts and agro-input providers support us on specific technical challenges using innovative and proven inputs and practices. Together we have a decent technical understanding of the many inputs (conventional and organic) in the market, which ones work and what is their cost-benefit. But some very effective inputs are not available or hard to find in growers’ countries or are simply too expensive. For that reason Biota, Terragrow and related partners over time have developed parallel to our advice-services our own line of organic and alternative inputs to fill in those gaps in the market of inputs.

We have close contacts with producers and distributors of innovative products that are valuable with our advice. Plus we know which inputs are available in the countries we operate and can support in sourcing the best options for each grower.

Strategic support

Sustainable & Regenerative agriculture

Besides the addressing urgent problems we can also work together with importers and growers in developing more strategic approaches and plans to improve quality and become more sustainable. We have proven tools for carbon & water footprint calculation, field-data collection and software for fertilization advise. With our network can help identify new suppliers to importers or further develop suppliers to be more sustainable.